Mobile elements for decelerating and stopping the vehicle

It is a system of mobile elements for slowing down and stopping the vehicle.

The individual elements are characterized by very fast assembly and deployment in real conditions in a matter of minutes.

A software application has been developed for the correct deployment of the system.

The Hystrix system was tested according to the PAS 68 standard. The development of this system was carried out by the Czech Technical University in Prague with financial support from the TA CR GAMA – InovaFOND project.

The Hystrix system serves as:

  • Deceleration and directional retarder for vehicles
  • Restraint barrier against approaching vehicles
  • Special checkpoint or station
  • Protection of objects of strategic importance

Advantages of the Hystrix system:

  • Possibility of quick deployment without the need for heavy machinery, only with the help of the team.
  • Low weight – the weight of the largest part does not exceed 50 kg, which allows easy handling.
  • Made of highly resistant composite material, which guarantees almost zero maintenance.
  • Hystrix can also be stored outdoors, as they are also resistant to weather conditions.


  • Police of the Czech Republic
  • Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
  • Czech Transmission System Operator
  • ORLEN Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o.


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