Stable element for deceleration and stopping of vehicle

It is a stable element for slowing down and stopping vehicles. The Testudo is designed so that the vehicle stops at the point of collision with the barrier.

Testudo is a stable element that is mounted on a substructure, which must be pre-concreted. After only 2 hours, the Testudo can be mounted on the substructure by any mechanization in a few minutes and immediately begins to fulfill its function.

The weight of one barrier is 750 kg. The Testudo barrier was tested according to the PAS 68 standard.


The Testudo system serves as:

  • Protection of petrol stations and supporting structures of petrol stations
  • Protection of entrances and structures in industrial areas
  • Protection of load-bearing parts of critical infrastructure against vehicle-ramming attack (airports, stadiums, bridges, power plants, distribution lines, etc.)
  • Protection of objects of strategic importance

Advantages of the Testudo system:

  • Testudo consists of a combination of durable composite elements that ensure its high resistance to the impact of a car at a speed up to 50 km/h.
  • The barrier is designed so that it does not come loose in the event of an impact. This achieves the maximum stopping effect on the vehicle.


  • GS OMV Mikulášov
  • GS OMV Havířov
  • GS OMV Pávov
  • GS OMV České Budějovice
  • GS OMV Praha, Lhotecká
  • GS OMV Praha, Chodovská
  • GS OMV Praha, Argentinská
  • GS OMV Praha, Štěrboholská

  • GS OMV Brno, Starý Lískovec

  • GS OMV Klíčany

  • GS OMV Karlovy Vary

  • GS OMV Mladá Boleslav

  • GS OMV Moravská Třebová


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