High-strength prefabricated curb

It is a prefabricated composite element, which is made of high-performance fibre-reinforced cementitious composite.

It is characterized by low weight, good handling, high strength, low water absorption and high resistance to weather conditions and chemicals.

The Ora system serves as:

  • Transition element in places with a high axle load of vehicles
  • Deceleration element for logistics areas and warehouses
  • Separation and delimitation of running surfaces

Advantages of the Ora system:

  • Thanks to the used composite with increased compressive and tensile strength, the elements can transfer significantly higher loads compared to conventional curbs.
  • The ORA system is made of a composite material ensuring its high resistance to environmental influences.
ora MOB-Bars
ora MOB-Bars
ora MOB-Bars


  • GS OMV Mikulášov

  • GS OMV Havířov

  • GS OMV Chodovská